More 99 Cent Store drinks

I too have started going with yoodie to start creating a list of good and bad drinks from the 99 cent store. Though I will also be reviewing non energy drinks as well :D, so here I go!

The Good:

Now this drink (Martinelli’s sparkling mango lemonade) happened to be pretty darn tasty, had a nice bite to it, kind of similar to grapefruit juice, but with carbonation…also mango…and lemonade :>

The Bad:

Now I am not particularly an energy drink fan, but every now and then I partake. However the end result with both of these drinks was me pouring over 90% of the drink down the drain. Let’s start from left to right. I know yoodie has already reviewed one of the FRS energy drinks, but he tested a different one and gave advice on how it could be better…personally I found this particular drink to taste similar the way throw up smells after drinking too many screwdrivers (orange juice and vodka).

Now the next drink, called Ultra Red Ginseng, made by Sun, happened to be one of the worst drinks I have ever tasted…I almost spat the drink out. The initial taste was like dirt, it honestly tasted like soil (yes I know what soil tastes like). However once you get over the taste of dirt you are met with an the extremely strong flavor of ginseng…what does ginseng taste like? It tastes like fake medicine. Anyways, stay away from those drinks.

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