Time machine

Bet you didn’t know that before this was a failed blog site, it was a failed webcomic site as well, eh? I’m pretty ashamed of this double failure, but on the other hand, we never really bothered promoting the site outside of telling our friends to check out our latest post ;).

Anyways, here are some of the comics I made that I’m only sort of embarassed to put back up. They’re horrible, but what good are they sitting on my hard drive anyways?













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Guns and Racks

So within the last year I have gotten myself really interested in guns, so just last week I picked up a new gun (marlin 1895 gbl) and figured hell, I need a rack for the gun. So without further ado, here is both my new gun and rack :D

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Well its 4th of July right now so I figured I’d say Happy 4th of July to all you cool kids…also I guess I’ll share this link with you  http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lk1s5cwQ4T1qzwaddo1_500.jpg

looks like they are missing a couple states ;)

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Some more music..

This song here is something I have been listening to for the last couple months, it took me a little while to start liking it, but now I can’t get enough of it :) http://hypem.com/item/13ewf/Reptar+-+Houseboat+Babies

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Le summer comic

Here is my latest comic. It made me laugh, then cry a little. Enjoy!

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Image dump from my cell phone

Hello. I was clearing out my cell phone’s SD card and found some recent interesting pics I’ve saved, as well as a new beverage to warn you about. HERE!

This stuff is currently on sale for .75 at Stater Brothers. I’ve been drinking it very slowly over the past couple of hours so I can’t really vouch for its actual energy attributes, but it tastes OK for an energy drink…better than most. The can design is pretty  hideous but I’m sure appeals to a demographic I care not to hang out with.

This outside my girlfriend’s little sister’s door. Why would I be wary of a stoned cat? He looks like a pretty cool friend to hang out with to be honest.

This is a beverage that will never be reviewed on this site because I already know it will be disgusting. I gagged a little just holding the bottle up to the light to see how chocolate-milky the liquid inside looked.

Here is a chair made from a radiator. Purchase this and make a guest you hate sit on it.

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Hang in there, baby!

Saw these two guys while walking my dog.

Hang in there, baby!

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Summer :D

It’s getting hot and school’s out. Time to review some more .99 Store beverages.

The Rescue Water is good. It tastes a lot like normal Arizona green tea, but a bit less sweetened, which is an improvement in my book. I recommend it.

I had low expectations for the smoothie, but it actually ended up tasting just like some of the more expensive smoothie drinks they sell out of the refrigerated section of the grocery store. It’s definitely sugary, and I did not want to finish the whole container, which is quite large to drink in one sitting anyways. I do suggest trying it, though. There is another flavor I bought as well that I’ll try soon.

It just came to mind that freezing the smoothie drink and cutting it out of it’s container would probably make for an excellent slushie. Well worth a try.

I do feel a little guilty about this post, since it feels sort of filler to make another .99 Store product review. Rest assured I’ll get to work on another comic ASAP

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The 4 Cheese McCasserole

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Every now and then Yoodle and I feel the need to punish our bodies with food that tastes good but makes you feel like throwing up later…so here is our latest food challenge that we found online. This is called … Continue reading

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Weeee comics!

So I saw that yoodle was making a comic, so I decided to join in on the fun too :)

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